Book 1

Wolf of Arundale HallWolf of Arundale Hall | June 2015 | BDSM, Historical, Paranormal

Lady Elizabeth Arundale has been alone for ten years—or worse than alone. Her husband left for Jamaica soon after their wedding night, leaving her responsible for his catty, high-maintenance cousin and his wastrel brother. Elizabeth knows the secret that caused her husband to flee—when his passions are roused, he turns into a ravening Beast.

Lord Joshua has no choice but to return to Arundale Hall when his man of business tells him there has been a murder on the estate—a murder that bears all the hallmarks of the Beast. He fears that his brother, too, may have inherited the curse. And he fears that he will be unable to control his deviant desires. The dark sexual practices that keep the Beast at bay. The unspeakable perversions he wished to spare his wife. The brutal bonding his inner animal is desperate to experience with its mate. Read more…

Book 2

Witch of Arundale HallWitch of Arundale Hall | April 2017 | BDSM, Historical, Paranormal

A wicked curse on the men of Arundale transforms them into bloodthirsty beasts when their passions are high. Lady Sarah Ayers can wait no longer to do what only she can—end the curse. Her ancestor cast the spell, and she must undo it. But to accomplish her goal, she cannot let her body overrule her sense of duty, no matter how hard she finds it to resist the deviant sexual impulses that hold her in thrall to Perry Arundale.

Perry will do whatever it takes, with his words or his wilder side, to make Sarah his. But he doesn’t know that the bond between them could lead Sarah to lose not only her heart but her life. Read more…

Book 3

Christmas at Arundale HallChristmas at Arundale Hall | December 2014 | BDSM, Historical, Paranormal | ISBN: 9781311335432

The Christmas holiday is near at hand and Chantal D’Insigny is forced to flee her home in France and seek protection from the man she rejected only a fortnight before. To hide her secret, Chantal sent Jaimison away, convinced that if she kept him as she wished, the truth would be revealed and put her and those she loved in danger. But forgiveness was not hers for the asking and she must face her deadly foe alone.

Edward Jaimson was Chantal’s slave, his desire to submit to her as strong as his need to love her. Her dismissal hurt and he cannot bow to her again without risking his heart. Though she is a powerful witch, he is convinced she needs him almost as much as he needs her. Desire is not enough as they face an enemy who uses the innocent and corrupts the weak. The Arundale family draws together to fight one of their own. To save Chantal, Jaimison may have to let her go even if that means she may die to defend those she loves.