Book 1

Singled OutSingled Out | Cobblestone Press | February 2007 | Contemporary Romance | Divine Intervention, Book 1 | ISBN: 978-1-60088-105-3

When Michaela gives up on finding a soul mate, her guardian angel works overtime to bring her together with the man of her dreams.

Tim Lassiter has been wanting to get closer to Michaela, his co-worker, but she’s uninterested in fishing in the company pool. How is he going to change her mind when she views him as the jerk she works with?

With a little divine intervention, Tim and Michaela may find true love after all. Read more…

Book 2

Double TroubleDouble Trouble | Cobblestone Press | April 2007 | Contemporary Romance | Divine Intervention, Book 2 | ISBN: 978-1-60088-125-1

A widow of three years, Elizabeth Muldoon just wants to sleep her life away. Her husband’s best friend, Jerod, steps in and reminds her that she has twin boys that need her. Elizabeth’s response to the truth is anger and she kicks Jerod out of her life. What she doesn’t expect is to miss him so much.

When Jerod Anderson comes back into Elizabeth’s life, he’s determined to hold onto her. But Elizabeth’s twins aren’t going to let him mess with their mom. Can her Guardian angel bring these two together despite teenage twins? Read more…

Book 3

Triple PlayTriple Play | Cobblestone Press | June 2007 | Contemporary Romance | Divine Intervention, Book 3 | ISBN: 978-1-60088-143-5

Thomas the Guardian Angel has another second timer assignment and this one is tougher than any of the others he’s had so far. Danielle Laskey hasn’t given up on love, she hasn’t believed in it for years. A horrible experience in her past keeps her distant and bitter.

Her soul mate, Christopher Jeffers is coaching her daughter on his high school baseball team reluctantly. On opposing sides of several issues, it seems a hopeless assignment. Can Thomas, with the help of other Guardian Angels, bring these two stubborn people together? Read more…

Bonus: Free Read

None Too SoonNone Too Soon | January 2007 | Paranormal Romance | Divine Intervention, Bonus Read

Watch Thomas the Guardian Angel find his own happy ending! FREE READ